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Bollywood, Contemporary and Bhartanatyam Dance

TATVA offers bollywood, bhartanatyam and contemporary classes in Tarneit (Western Melbourne). Whether you want lose weight, get fit or learn a new dance style-these are the classes for you! Dancercise and Item classes are open to all age groups and fitness levels. Emphasis is on fitness and fun incorporating Bollywood dance moves that is a great cardio workout. We also work on choreographed items that incorporate more complicated movements and interpretative hand gestures. Learn Bollywood Dance from TATVA Dance Academy and be fit while having fun. We offer Bollywood Dance classes in and around Melbourne. Join TATVA Bollywood Dance group and get an opportunity to perform at Bollywood performances, Bollywood workshops, Contemporary Dance shows at many events in and around melbourne for Celebrate India, Moomba Festival, Australian Indian Innovations Incoporated, Ted Baillieu's Bollywood Policy launch and many others.


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TATVA currently perform in Australia. This ranges from solo to group dance pieces. We can provide high standard, quality performances for any type of event or function, from weddings to birthdays to Anniversary celebrations.
Some of our performances include
“Living together” for the Glen Eira City Council - Click here
“Budhas day festival” at the Federation Square
"Ganesh Festival" at the Main Square in Footscray
"Diwali 2010" at the Federation Square for Celebrate India
"Diwali 2010" at the Sandown Park for Australian Indian Innovations Incoporated
"Holi 2011" at Sandown Park for Australian Indian Innovations Incoporated - Click here
"Bollywood News Feature on Channel 9 with Ted Baillieu" for Ted Baillieu's Bollywood Policy launch - Click here
Contemporary Dance Performance showcasing racsim, brotherhood and communal harmony for Diwali 2012 at Federation Square - Click here


The TATVA team is experienced in designing and coaching bollywood routines for all occasions. Whatever your requirements, large or small, first dance as a couple, individual performance or surprise act; studio bollywood can cover for it all.


We can teach shorter length workshops for any type of groups, or longer intense 2 hour workshops of Bollywood dance. This can be a fun and less informal class type environment, for any one to join, and can bring life to a group or gathering, and get people up and in them mood for dancing.
Check out "Bollywood Workshop at Ormond College" by clicking here.

Corporate Events

Bollywood dancing is an ideal activity for team-building and ice-breaking for employees from all business sectors. Adopting elements from a variety of sources including Indian classical styles, Indian folk dances and a globalised, pop video approach – which draws on disco, rock and jazz, this dance form has something for everyone! We bring the exuberant, colourful and glamorous. Bollywood dances portrayed on the silver screen live onto the stage. The dance and the music evoke an exciting, infectious atmosphere – so much so that even the participants who were slightly hesitant at the beginning of the workshop can’t wait to get on stage and strut their stuff!

We start with a confidence-building warm-up, getting the participants moving and quickly forgetting their inhibitions. The participants then learn some basic Bollywood moves to get them into the spirit of things, and end up with a short routine, using hands, feet, eyes and facial expressions, that gives them a real flavour of the day ahead!